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Unlike other sources, we use not only popular official databases, but also advertising and we collect information from open sources, which helps to learn more information about potential customers.

Data enrichment

Want to learn more about your clients?

If there is not enough information for segmentation in your CRM, we could enrich your data and complete your customer knowlegde with necessary detailed information.

More data

Detailed filters

Specific companies using complex filtering

We collect detailed data about the company and this allows us to make very subtle requests. For example, all companies that entered the Moscow City offices this month with turnover up to $ 100 million and from 50 to 100 employees and an open account with VTB Bank.

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Do you want to understand the successful sales path for existing customers?

BINDX will help:

  • Rank existing leads in the company based on historical and forecast data
  • Derive patterns in existing customers and make a look-alike samples
  • Releasing regularities with refused clients
  • Find upcell/crosses opportunities for existing customers on the basis of customer work data

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Sales funnel

Distribution of customers by stages of the sales process from the first contact to the conclusion of the transaction

Organize and segment your potential customers into sales funnels. Work with leads to identify new opportunities for sales, qualify leads and sell them. Use the ready lead management process to gradually "grow" the needs and convert them into transactions.

Work with leads


If you decide to hire a person and give similar to Bindx task, that would increase your annual budget more than US$20 000 including taxes, office cost. A person would take vacation, sickness-leaves and would require time of senior person.

Good news - BINDX.ai is much cheaper! Please contact us to get best price for you today and make a free trial.

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