• Detailed database of companies and decision makers
  • Sales signals and triggers gathered by our AI engine would help you with the best moment for sales approach
  • Lead generation and nurturing of selected prospective clients with the help of inbuilt contact-center and direct-mail agencies
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BINDX helps

  • Deeper understand your target audience in b2b and prepare prospective client lists
  • Estimate your market share in different segments
  • Follow your prospective clients` signals and wisely use them for sales
  • Enrich your CRM with additional information
  • Enrich your incoming leads with information from BINDX
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BINDX is necessary for

  • Companies in B2B segments who are seeking to increase sales
  • Heads of marketing, sales and business development departments
  • existing sales departments to increase efficiency of sales processes
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BINDX in figures



569 906


448 398




740 272


42 235


BINDX is very convenient

  • 1Constantly updated database of companies, demands, sales signals and decision makers
  • 2Lead-generation platform using predictive analytics based on AI
  • 3Works 24-7, does not take vacation and sick leaves
  • 4Very efficient sales channels for segments where customer acquisition cost in traditional digital channels is high
  • 5Covers seasonal demand peaks (New Year and Christmas etc)
  • 6Deep analytics would allow you to find clients in segments you never thought of

What kind of information can I find?


If you decide to hire a person and give similar to Bindx task, that would increase your annual budget more than US$20 000 including taxes, office cost. A person would take vacation, sickness-leaves and would require time of senior person.

Good news - is much cheaper! Please contact us to get best price for you today and make a free trial.

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